Banquet Hall

For business meetings and official purposes, AK Farm Mohali will be offering the guests a memorable stay while conducting their business in the most efficient manner.

Starting from local elite to the nearby companies, many prefer a place that provides comfortable ambience. Well-designed interiors and serving of delicious cuisine as required, we have been easily known among the best banquet halls in Chandigarh. The mood of the guests is happy and lively inside these halls, which have ambient lighting from roofed chandeliers and spacious feel. Our staffs also arrange the interiors according to the occasion and so you can find a wide variety of options for the parties.

Even for conferences held by different companies, AK Farm Mohali can be the best location, as it is accessible from various areas of the city, while having good communication facilities for the guests. With the IT and communication facilities being robust, it is the ideal place for these programs and therefore preferred among the conference halls in Mohali by many local as well as distant corporate and business enterprises.

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